How we built a successful franchise

How We Built a Successful
Kids' Franchise Business

Our Story

Manish Vakil, founder and CEO of Tumbles, started in the kids’ franchise industry with a children’s STEM education program and went on to open two complementary businesses: a tutoring center and a kids’ gym. While the businesses were successful, Manish had to manage three separate companies – each with their own brand, location, operating cost and staff.

Manish started to think of ways to streamline his efforts with a franchise business that would combine several programs for kids all under one roof – and the idea for Tumbles was born. Having multiple programs in one location meant the entire space would be used – and making money – morning, noon and night, seven days a week. In addition, it would offer convenience to busy families by providing fun programs for multiple kids all in one place. Best of all, Tumbles would only have to market to a family once, which would keep expenses low and revenue high.

A Mission-Minded Business Inspired by Family

While building a profitable franchise business that maximized operational efficiencies was important to Manish, he also wanted to create something that made a difference in children’s lives. With a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure, Manish knew that encouraging healthy habits at an early age could help prevent these diseases later in life.

Manish is quick to credit his wife, Nimisha, for helping make Tumbles a reality. As a nurse practitioner, she understands the importance that physical activity plays in preventing obesity-related diseases and turning kids into healthy, happy adults. The couple’s twin boys, Sahel and Shaan, were four years old at the time – making Tumbles’ goal of helping kids get fit for the fun of it all the more important. So Nimisha encouraged Manish to take the leap and agreed to a second mortgage on the house to help fund the business.

A Growing Kids Franchise Business That’s 100% Employee Owned

With support of his family, Manish got busy developing our gym and STEAM classes, as well as an indoor playground concept based on developmental milestones. As Tumbles started to take off, Manish knew he needed an experienced team to help the company grow. Rather than hire employees or consultants, he decided to bring in partners and give them equity in the business – people from diverse backgrounds who shared his vision of shaping the bodies and minds of the future through fun, interactive play.

The partners went to work evolving the kids’ fitness programs while taking traditional STEAM education a big step further than the competition by using the gym equipment to teach science, technology, engineering, art and math principles. By using kinesthetic education to let kids “feel” what they were learning about, Tumbles’ STEAM program enhanced retention and got kids thinking and moving in a fresh, innovative way.