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About Owning a Tumbles ​Kids' Gym and STEAM Franchise

What is the total investment to open a Tumbles franchise?

The total investment required for your Tumbles location includes your franchise fee, access fee, fulfillment, equipment package, estimated location build-out costs and a few months of working capital. Every site is unique, so this number will vary from location to location.

The main variables to this figure are for location-specific items including, but not limited to, the build-out costs of your location, whether or not a tenant improvement allowance was received from your landlord, and utility and lease deposits.

Should you choose to finance your business through a lending institution of your choice, you would typically need to invest a minimum of 30% of the total investment, with the remaining 70% being funded by the lending institution.

Visit our investment page​ for a full breakdown of the fees.

How much is the franchise fee and what does it include?

The franchise fee is $42,000. This fee covers:

  • A franchise agreement with a term of 5 years
  • Rights to a protected territory
  • Preferred vendor services
  • Comprehensive training and support during the entire pre-opening period

Learn about our franchise fee discount for veterans and active members of the military.

What are the ongoing fees?

There is a 7% royalty fee and a 2% national marketing fund, which are both calculated based on monthly gross revenue. These fees include your licensed use of the Tumbles system and trademarks, serve to increase brand awareness and cover marketing materials/services. We strive to regularly and continuously update our curriculum offerings, training platform, vendor partners and back-end systems in order to make your experience with Tumbles as enjoyable and efficient as possible. For a full list of fees and expenses, please refer to Item 6 of the FDD.

How much money can I make as a Tumbles owner?

Per FTC disclosure law, Tumbles makes no representations of individual earnings performance. As with any business, the success of your Tumbles location depends on you, including your goals, dedication, hard work and the business decisions you make each and every day. Tumbles offers you a strong brand and comprehensive support to help you build a profitable franchise business. The rest is up to you!

Can I own more than one Tumbles location?

Yes! Tumbles provides you with the opportunity to leverage your skills and experience with the option of opening a Tumbles kids’ gym and STEAM franchise in multiple locations.

What makes Tumbles owners successful?

All our successful owners have good business sense, possess a marketing personality, know how to hire dedicated and lively employees, and are financially stable. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and strong delegation skills, which is important for running a Tumbles location as a semi-absentee owner. Learn more about what makes an ideal Tumbles partner.

Do I need to have experience working with children?

No. Most of our franchise partners had little experience before joining the Tumbles family. Our partners come from a variety of careers spanning the fields of technology, medicine, engineering, accounting, teaching and law. We have even had long-term instructors who have gone on to become successful franchise owners.

Regardless of your background, we look for potential owners with a passion for working with people, children in particular, and strong character and integrity. We’ll teach you the rest! Learn more about what it takes to build a successful franchise business as a Tumbles partner.

Will owning a Tumbles provide the work-life balance I’m looking for?

Ultimately, your success and what you get out of any business is up to you. At Tumbles, we encourage semi-absentee operation. As long as you have the right staff in place, this should allow you to keep your current career and achieve work-life balance while earning additional income. Some owners choose to use their time to open a second or third location, while others are happy operating one location. It’s your business and your decision.

Can I talk to current owners about their experience with Tumbles?

During the application process, we’ll provide you with the contact information of our other franchise owners. We encourage you to take the time to talk with them and even visit their locations to see if Tumbles is right for you. We value transparency and encourage members of the Tumbles family to share their experiences and knowledge with prospective Tumbles partners. Find out what current Tumbles owners have to say about their experience opening and running a kids’ gym and STEAM franchise.