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Path to Ownership

7​ Steps to Owning a Tumbles Franchise

We know that choosing a franchise to invest in is an important decision. That’s why we made the process of becoming a Tumbles owner a collaborative process that allows us to learn more about each other every step of the way.

Typically, the process of becoming a Tumbles owner takes 30 to 75 days. Throughout that process, our goal is to have open and ongoing conversations to make sure we share the same values and that this would be a good business partnership for everyone involved. Check out the steps to starting a Tumbles franchise below and feel free to reach out with questions at any time.

Contact Us

Information Request

If you’re interested in shaping the minds and bodies of the future as a Tumbles owner, the first step is to fill out a quick ​information request form​. Someone from our team will be in touch to talk about next steps.

Request Info



We’ll send you a preliminary application so you can tell us a little more about yourself, your business goals and why you’re interested in ​starting a kids’ gym and STEAM franchise.


Introductory Call

After our executive team has reviewed your preliminary application, we’ll set up a phone call to get to know each other better. We’ll find out more about your experience, what you’re looking for in a business opportunity and why you’re passionate about opening a kids franchise. And you’ll learn more about our business model, company culture, the ​cost to open a franchise ​and what we’re looking for in a partner. The purpose of this call is to make sure our philosophies align and that this is a good fit for both of us.


Application & Business Model Review

If you liked what you heard on the introductory call, now is the time to fill out your official Tumbles franchisee application. After you complete the application, we’ll do a background check, validate your financial information and check your references. We’ll also send you the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which provides specific details about Tumbles’ financial performance and the ​cost to open a franchise​, so you can decide if it’s a good investment and business opportunity for you.


Meet Current Franchisees

After the official application and FDD review, we’ll put you in touch with some of our current franchise partners to talk with them about their experience as a Tumbles owner. You can have this discussion over the phone. Or, if there’s a Tumbles location close to you, you’re welcome to set up a time to visit their location. These conversations will help you make sure you’re choosing the right franchise for you, while also giving our existing franchise partners the opportunity to see if you’d make a good addition to the Tumbles family.



Visit Tumbles & Meet Our Executive Team

This is your chance to spend a day with a member of our executive team and visit a Tumbles location. You’ll get to find out what a typical day is like for Tumbles owners, see our kids’ gym and STEAM programs in action, learn more from our executive team about the process and timeline for ​opening a franchise​, and get any other information you need to help you decide​ if​ owning a Tumbles is right for you.


Franchise Award

If our executive team thinks you’re a good fit for Tumbles, we’ll send you a franchise agreement to sign. Once you sign the agreement and pay the franchise fee, you’ll be an official member of the Tumbles family. That’s when the real fun ​begins as​ we get started on the process of opening your Tumbles kids’ gym and STEAM franchise​.

Opening Your Tumbles Franchise

After you’ve joined the Tumbles family, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work opening your franchise location. While the timeline can vary by location, it typically takes 6 to 9 months from the day we award a franchise to your grand opening. But don’t worry. Our experienced ​training and support​ ​team will be there to help every step of the way—from pre-construction planning to construction to getting the word out about your new ​kids’ gym and STEAM franchise​.

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