What it Takes to Join the
Tumbles Family

Ideal Partners

For Running a ​Successful Kids’ Franchise Business

To achieve our mission of shaping the minds and bodies of the future, we need like-minded entrepreneurs who want kids franchise opportunities that go beyond just making money and actually make a difference in customers’ lives. Find out what it takes to join the Tumbles family and build a ​profitable franchise business​ dedicated to fighting childhood obesity and helping kids live healthier, happier lives.

What We’re Looking For

You don’t need specific experience working in the children’s space to become part of the Tumbles family. In fact, most of our partners come from a variety of backgrounds and have had little to no experience in children-focused businesses. However, our ideal franchise partners share these common traits:

  1. Self-motivation and a desire to build a ​profitable franchise business
  2. A passion for helping kids achieve health and wellness
  3. Strong character and integrity
  4. An entrepreneurial, team spirit and the desire to be part of a ​successful franchise business​ with established policies and procedures
  5. Ability to communicate effectively with customers and staff
  6. Experience hiring, managing and motivating a diverse group of team members
  7. Solid understanding of business and operations
  8. Strong sales and marketing skills and the ability to build lasting relationships in the community

Financial Requirements

To ensure our partners are in the position to build a ​successful franchise business​, we require a net worth of at least $250,000 and at least $50,000 in liquid assets available for investment. You may also secure investors that offer similar financial backing. ​Learn more​ about the costs to invest in a Tumbles kids’ gym and ​STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)​ franchise.

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Choosing the Right​ Franchise for You

We know that ​choosing a franchise​ to invest in is a big decision that requires a lot of research, planning and soul-searching. On your ​path to ownership​, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our team and existing franchisees to make sure Tumbles is right for you. At Tumbles, we go through a similar process to make sure it’s the right fit and that you’re positioned for success before awarding a franchise. ​Learn more​ ​about our process for selecting the right partners who support our mission and have what it takes to build a ​profitable franchise business​.