How Manish Vakil Does Business: Profit With a Purpose

March 17, 2021

For Manish Vakil, CEO of Tumbles kids’ gyms, the pandemic and its forced inactivity are troubling. His mission has always been to provide an organized and convenient outlet for children to play, have fun, and establish a healthy lifestyle early on in their lives. With his productivity and profits on hold, Vakil says he has not lost sight of his goal amid the closures. If anything, he has strengthened his resolve to combat the effects of a year-long sedentary lifestyle with his neverending passion fueling his purpose.

In 2014, Vakil purchased the Tumbles organization after being a franchisee for nine years. No one could even fathom a pandemic back then, but Manish felt compelled to continue his mission at the helm and become Tumbles’ CEO. Manish admits he was somewhat focused on profits at the onset.

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