How to Minimize Startup Risk: Become a Franchisee

April 01, 2021

The day I became a franchisor, the ceiling collapsed. Literally. I was at Kidville headquarters in New York City and had just signed the final documents. The phone rang, and the CEO answered it. He handed the phone to me and said, “This is your problem now.” A heavy truck had pulled into the parking lot at one of the facilities in New Jersey. There was a parking deck beneath, where the ceiling should have been secured by beams but wasn’t. The truck fell right through to the next level. Fortunately, I was able to advise and talk the advisee through the situation. No one was hurt, and the insurance took care of everything.

I tell this story not as a cautionary tale, but exactly the opposite. When you’re a franchise owner, you are guaranteed that someone always has your back — even when the ceiling collapses.

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