Tumbles featured in International Business Times

January 14, 2021

Making the Right Choices When Things Go Wrong

All our lives have been filled with unpredictability and chaos this last year as Covid, politics, protests, and natural disasters have permeated our individual and collective consciousnesses. In December, the World Bank reported that businesses worldwide have been affected, “with more than half either in arrears or likely to fall into arrears shortly.” But it doesn’t take a pandemic to cause unpredictability or chaos in a business. Manish Vakil, CEO of Tumbles, a fitness, education, and entertainment center for children, has been in the franchise business for 16 years—with nine Tumbles around the world. He anticipates adversity and believes that people should accept it with humility, patience, and even curiosity because, after all, the most difficult things also teach us the most important things.

Vakil has a five-point strategy for accepting the unexpected.

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